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About My EHS World

Guru Global Services. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified partnership firm and authorized to spread its Direct Selling Business to all over India by Guru Global Services. The Company deals in the business of Dealers, Traders, and suppliers of all kinds Herbal and Organic Products from last 5 years. We specially deal in Health Supplements, Herbal and Organic Food Supplements, and all kind of herbal Personal Care Products.

Guru Global Services. finally makes it possible for you to start your own business with Guru Global Services and become My EHS World & Co. Business Owner. Bring your passion to our unique, calculated plan and you will start building wealth and achieve financial freedom you have always desired.

Our products are manufactured by GMP approved Manufacturer and also have Halal & Kosher International certification. We have committed in providing useful and unique products made from the ancient science of Ayurveda that uses various combinations of herbs and plants to cure The Manufacturing Company has Strong demand, multi production facilities, excellent marketing network, established strong clientele in the domestic market ensure a good prospects for the company.

Vision & Mission

Guru Global Services was born out of an intense desire to dispel negative impression of Multilevel Marketing Industry or Direct Selling Industry or Network Marketing concepts in India and to provide Indians a right Direct Selling Industry.

Guru Global Services is ought to prove that Network Marketing could be turned positive, a business where everybody can gain something. We inspire, educate, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the financial crisis in Peoples life.

From the Desk of Director

Dear Sir,

I extend a warm welcome to you on the behalf of the entire family of Guru Global Services and would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for extending your support in making the journey of Guru Global Services a success.

Undoubtedly, together we shall create history and reach newer zeniths as I have complete faith in our wide range of products and your potential. From time to time, with the inputs of our research and development team, and customer feedback, we shall be introducing new products on a regular basis. We shall also ensure that our products reach out to maximum consumers within India and abroad.

I will ensure that our organization follows ethical norms and proper processes and will ensure complete cooperation in helping us grow together. You are most welcome to come up with newer and brighter suggestions with respect to this venture and we shall be happy to incorporate the same with mutual consent.

Wish you good luck for your future endeavors.

With Warm Regards

(Managing Director)
By My EHS World & Co.

Words from The Managing Director |

Greetings!!! To My Dear Friends

The world is full of opportunities, anywhere & anytime one can find a new opportunity. But those opportunities, which we should call it as "Its Amazing Opportunity", are very rare and hard to recognize. So, how to know which opportunity is going to give you benefits for life long on a regular interval, which should also grow with the time, as future will be going to be more demanding for everyone. Where we can enjoy our lives with our family & friends, by giving minimum efforts & for getting maximum profits. First thing is that we should understand what actually we want from our lives. Is it good Health, is it Fame, is it Relationship, is it lots of Money or it may be anything else. All you have to do, is to look inside you, as you are today, what you really want from your life & judge yourself that what you can do and what you can become in near future. Once you get the answer of these questions, you can easily decide and judge which opportunity is going to be much fruitful for you, which supports to give you most of your needs of day to day life & long term achievement you want to achieve.

Its universal truth that each and every person on earth, has that much power to gain & achieve, what actually they dream about all the time. I believe that you can also get your dreams come true. You only need right planning with clear and focused goal in your life. Because no feasible goal in the world is beyond your achievement. Once you have decided your goal, this means that goal stands at certain distance from you. So, you have to know the right path & knowledge about your goal, & step by step process to achieve that goal. No one can cross the mountain in just one or two small jumps. You should also understand that there is no shortcut to success. Success, wealth & prosperity come step by step. So do not hurry, have patience and do your work faster and more faster with most of the accuracy to achieve your daily, weekly or monthly targets, So that one day in near future you can exactly achieve your goal, you had think of before. For better results of your work, you should understand that which work should be done on priority basis and also set your time limit to process each and every work. It will really help you to find your goal to achieve in very easy steps & under your pre-defined time limit.

Nature has given us many resources, some resources are unlimited and some are limited. You should understand that you can not work more than 24 hours in a day, because time is limited to 24 hours in a day, but you have to work even more and much more to achieve your goal as soon as possible. Because you have already set your big goal in your life. As of now we understand that step by step processes and without using shortcuts, is the real & effective way to get real and stable success in our life but there is a limitation of 24 hours in a day. So how can we work more than 24 hours in a day? Can we increase the hours of a day? No, it’s not possible. So, what to do? Actually we need such a powerful system, which will provide us the ability to work more than 24 hours in a day practically. This right & real solution is called Time Multiplication. It is absolutely possible to increase our working hours to more than 24 hours in a day.

Let’s see how this Time Multiplication system actually works. Just think of a very big company, like Reliance, Tata, etc. The owners of these types of companies are multi-millionaire. So do these owners have any super natural powers to get rich? No. What they have is largest collection of working hours in a single day. Because, there are thousands of employees working for these companies. Say, if one employee is giving work of 8 hours in a day, so 10,000 employees are giving works of 80,000 hours in a day. This is called Time Multiplication. But these companies have invested lots of infrastructure, space, money and man power, which is not possible for every single person, in order to enjoy such a big income as these big companies do. So there comes the concept of Network Marketing (Multi Level Marketing - MLM) for solving these problem & to make it possible for every single person to earn very big amount of money without investing such a big infrastructure, space & lots of money etc. Guru Global Services. is providing you such a unique business opportunity, which will help you to earn big amount of money with the help of your network of people, using network marketing business concept, which will be fruitful for all the members of your network & will help in fulfilling the dreams of every member.

There are hundreds of benefits of working as a business distributor in Guru Global Services, being a network marketing company. I personally believe that Guru Global Services is the best network marketing company & most suitable for you, when we consider the matters like easy ways to earn, easy ways to promote your network business, easy to increase your network of people, easy accessible of your accounts and transparency of business terms & lots of other things to consider with. We are providing you a list of matters & topics for your consideration. Considering these matters accurately you can easily decide, why you should join Guru Global Services as a business distributor.

With the help of our large experiences, deep study of network marketing business concept & sound knowledge, we have designed this very unique network marketing business plan. We have modified many pro & cons of network marketing business plan from the distributor / consumer point of view, business distributor point of view as well as company point of view, which will help all of us to grow on a regular basis & compete with other products / companies. This business design can also be adjusted with the flow of time and ups & downs of market rates, which will also give you the flexibility to work on your way, place & time.
I wish all of you are growing with us & fulfilling your dreams.
Good Luck!

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